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Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Brampton, Hamilton, Brantford, Oakville, Markham, Barrie Burlington, Dundas, Windsor Ontario
School Fun Fairs, Birthday Parties, Company Picnics and more.


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Below is a list of (almost) every page on our site including a link to the page. Also included is a brief description.

Address - our address for regular mail (snail mail)
Airbrush and Henna -incredible artists that airbrush or use Henna, servicing many cities in Ontario.
Almita - caricatures -awesome caricatures and drawings, fun for adults or children. Your guests take home a gift that they will treasure for years to come.
Andrew - Juggler Circus Performer - excellent juggler, entertainer and family fun.
Awesome balloon artist - amazing Toronto balloon artist.
Awesome Face Painting - Incredible face painting and henna serving Mississauga and area.
  Balloony - London Ontario - Balloony The Clown servicing London Ontario, St. Thomas etc.
Birthday Party Packages - our most popular birthday party packages.
Bulletin board - a place where our clients can post a greeting or a "happy birthday" to someone for free.
Candy The Clown -fun and entertaining clown, uses live bunny in show, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and more.
Canada Stilt Walker - picture of our stilt walker in Canadian Flag.
 Caricaturist - Larry - great pictures of Larry's caricature work. Serving Toronto and southern Ontario
Caricaturist Mike - this caricature artist is amazing. His fantastic drawings have been seen in Toronto and across Ontario.
Carnival Barker - picture of our stilt walker dressed as "carnival barker"
C. J.The Juggler and unicyclist - amazing juggler walks on giant ball while juggling. Also unicycles and juggles  Serving Ontario Canada.
Cities we Service - very useful list of (almost) every city we service (some new ones are not added yet)
Clown Hall of Fame - our top clowns and most requested clowns
Clumsy The Clown - Services Toronto and area Clumsy "the super fun clown", recently added a live bunny rabbit to his show!
Dante The Magician -Dante The Magician servicing Toronto with really fun comedy magic shows.
Derek The Toronto Magician - amazing magician servicing Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown and all of the GTA
Disc Jockeys - great Disc Jockey recently joined us with reasonable rates
Dr. Mystery - Toronto magician, unbelievable and strange - check him out!
(Comedy)_Dracula -Halloween favorite, Comedy Dracula show servicing Toronto and surrounding cities
Easter Bunny Performer

-Easter Bunny and clown with live Easter bunny for children to pet. Available for your Easter entertainment.

Educational Shows -clowns and magicians presenting fun learning through magic and laughter in Toronto.
Elvis singing telegram - singing telegram by the Elvis, check out great picture on our site.
Entertainers Wanted - an invitation for professional entertainers to join us.
Feedback - your chance to let us know what you think of our site or one of the entertainers you've hired.
Female Magician Toronto - Wonderful female magician servicing Toronto, Richmondhill and Markham, brings live bunny rabbit!
Food For The Soul - how to be happy in spite of all the problems in this world.
Form - contact information for us to answer your questions
French Speaking Toronto Clown - French Clown services Toronto and surrounding areas including Mississauga Ontario
Friendly Wizard -Wizard Kimzi will make your party lots of fun. Services Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville etc.
Games - entertainers that use a lot of games and fun activities in their performance. Woodbridge, and area.
Giggles - NewMarket - wonderful NewMarket and Barrie clown
Gorilla singing telegram - singing telegram by a gorilla - what a surprise to have a gorilla show up at your work, the ultimate practical joke.
 Greg Toronto unicyclist, stilt walker juggler - Amazing Juggler, unicyclist, stiltwalker servicing Toronto and area, see video clip on our site
Hanukkah Harry - Hanukkah Harry entertainers in Toronto and near by, he's also good friend of Santa Clause.
Hector The Caricature artist Toronto - Hector is a wonderful caricature artist servicing the Toronto area with his delightful art.
Henry The Russian speaking clown - wonderful Russian and English speaking clown working in the Toronto area
Hypnotist Show with comedy -Comedy Hypnosis show - absolutely hilarious.
Index - our home page, servicing Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and southern Ontario
Jewish Holidays - entertainers including Hanukkah Harry that cater to our Jewish friends in the Toronto area.
John Unicyclist and Comic Juggler-  excellent juggler and unicyclist even juggles fire torches! Unicycling is what he loves.
Joseph Magician- Mississauga - terrific magician and entertainer, takes live bunny rabbit to shows, Toronto, Brampton, Milton etc.
Kitchener Waterloo Guelph  Clowns  - a brief description of our clowns and magicians in Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph Ontario
Links - our favorite links
London Ontario Clown and Pirate Show - London Ontario clowns and Pirate shows for children's birthday parties. Santa Claus for holiday shows.
 Ottawa - Clowns and entertainers in Ottawa Ontario. we even have a pirate in Ottawa.
Magic Pockets - Magic Pockets an excellent Ontario clown
Magic Workshops and classes - magic workshops and classes for children or adults. Ontario
Marilyn Monroe - Marilyn Monroe impersonator performing a singing telegram including custom written song.
Magician Brampton Mississauga, Toronto - Toronto's Masked Magician - action packed fun with tons of laughs
Children's Costumed Characters - costumed characters and mascots that entertain in Toronto - lots of great pictures.
Max Miracle - Toronto magic and comedy act for children
More Pictures - more pictures of entertainers
NewMarket Magician Mr. Magic - NewMarket magician - performs for children and families - funny, fun and a great entertainer.
Musical strolling entertainer - a clown or other entertainer that strolls around playing a guitar, banjo or other musical instrument.
New clowns - new clowns in training starring Thomas
Ottawa Clowns and Magicians -clowns and magicians in Ottawa Ontario
Ottawa Magician Greg - Professional Magician Greg entertains in Ottawa, magic show and balloon animals.
Pirate Show - Pirate show for children's birthday parties - performing in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton etc.
Princess Party - Fairy Princess Party for little girls - serving Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington
Privacy Policy - our guarantee to guard your personal information
QT-PIE The Niagara Falls Clown -wonderful Niagara Falls and St. Catharines Ontario clown. Very professional clown.
References - a sampling of some of the companies that have entrusted us with their special event.
Rusty The Toronto Clown - Rusty is a super fun and talented clown - very child friendly - kids love him
Santa Claus for hire - Toronto, Mississauga and more - Santa Claus look-a-likes available for Christmas and Holiday parties
Santa Claus phone call -Have Santa Claus phone your child and have a wonderful chat with old St. Nick.
Singing Telegrams - singing telegram visit by a clown, Marilyn Monroe or Elvis. Some include custom written song.
Silly Scrooge -Christmas classic- comedy Scrooge is the kind of guy the kids love to hate! Toronto and area.
Strolling close-up magic - magician performing mingle magic or strolling close-up magic at a company event.
Toronto Silly Wizard -comedy Wizard show, children's magic based on the Harry Potter theme. Toronto and area
Site Map - table of contents, this page is it!
Smiley The Clown -Smiley The Clown - a great fun Toronto clown
Steve The Magician -amazing magician with live bunny rabbit servicing Ontario Canada
Stiltwalker - great stilt walking with a few pictures
Tangereen The Clown - Talented Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville clown, school teacher by day, party clown on weekends!
Tatters The Toronto Clown - experienced clown or magician, birthday parties and educational shows Toronto and Markham
Toronto Caricaturist - terrific caricature art available in Toronto, NewMarket Ontario etc.
U Who Charlie The Clown - Excellent clown - facepainter and balloon artist serving Markham, Woodbridge, Richmondhill and Toronto
Vince Markham Clown and Magician - servicing Markham, Scarborough, east end of Toronto with clown magic and magician magic.
Waldo The Brantford Clown -Waldo The Clown a great entertainer/balloon artist servicing Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton etc.
Web page design - need a web page - we can create one for you at a very economical price.
Where to have a party - a short list of locations that will allow, or rent out space to have a party. Toronto and surrounding areas
Windsor and Essex Ontario Clowns - we are now offering clowns and magicians for Birthday parties and special events in Windsor and Essex.

Happy Time Clowns & Magicians has been providing fun entertainment for children and families at birthday parties and special events in the Toronto, Mississauga area for over 15 years. Clowns and magicians in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. Ancaster and Dundas are two other cities that love to see our clowns and magicians performing. The clowns that perform at children's birthday parties also do wonderful balloon animals, magic shows and many of them do face painting as well. Dante The Magician performs for children at Birthday parties and special events in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.  Candy The Clown with her magical live bunny rabbit loves doing shows in Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville. Candy The Clown performs for children with balloon animals and face painting at children's birthday parties. Rusty The Clown lives in Brampton Ontario and besides performing in Brampton also does many birthday party shows in Mississauga as well as Toronto. During Easter, we can have the Easter bunny go out and visit with the children and give out chocolates, we also have a Candy the Clown with a live Easter Rabbit. Rusty The Clown is available exclusively through Happy Time Clowns and Magicians. Clumsy the Clown lives in Toronto Ontario and besides performing at birthday parties in Toronto he also does shows in Mississauga, Oakville and even in Burlington. The children love his live bunny rabbit that usually accompanies him on his magic shows. Happy Time Clowns & Magicians also represents some of the finest Caricature Artists in Ontario. These talented caricaturists live in many cities in Ontario and especially in Toronto Ontario. What better way to make an event extra special then to have one of our talented caricaturist attend your event have a hilarious drawing done of your guests. One of our caricature artist can draw between 7- 12 guests per hour so consider ordering more then one of these great caricature artists.




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Happy Time Clowns from 1998 - March 28 2019



Happy Time Clowns & Magicians is a top talent  family entertainment agency in Ontario Canada that primarily provides family entertainers including airbrush artists, caricature artists, pirate shows, mascots, costumed characters, princess parties, clowns and magicians in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Brantford Ontario Canada. Please check out our new web site Tom Horton's Talent We have seasonal characters as well such as Santa Claus for Christmas, Xmas parties and holiday parties , the Easter bunny for Easter, as well as a comedy Dracula for Halloween parties.  Elvis Presley singing telegrams are available. Woodbridge Ontario is one of our favorite places to perform children's birthday parties.  We have a fantastic singing telegram person that writes a custom written song about the person, she can perform the singing telegram dressed as Marilyn Monroe or a French maid or several other characters . Steve is an awesome close up magic performer that does shows in Richmond Hill, Brampton, Woodbridge, Mississauga and many other cities near Toronto.  We have several minstrel entertainers that perform
vaudeville type of performances.  We have awesome Halloween performers and have a comedy Dracula show for your next Halloween party. Candy the Clown is a former member of Toronto Clown Alley. We have clown for hire that performs a magic show in Hamilton, Dundas, Burlington and Ancaster Ontario. We  In addition we have clowns, Pirates and Santa Claus in London Ontario.  Circus act by C.J. the Juggler, he has a one man circus show that is second to none and includes incredible juggling, unicycling and more. Happy Time Clowns and Magicians offers magicians for adult corporate events including mingle magic also known as cocktail magic or strolling close up magic that will amaze your audience even adults! Also west of Toronto in the Niagara Falls and St. Catherines, Fort Erie and Welland areas we have Q.T. Pie The Clown a wonderful female clown. French Bilingual clown also available. During Easter, we can have the Easter bunny go out and visit with the children and give out chocolates, we also have a Candy the Clown with a live Easter Rabbit. Let one of our professional  party planners or event planners help you make the right decisions to have a great party. Rusty The clown performs at many Daycares and Nursery Schools around Toronto and Mississauga. We have a fantastic juggler and unicyclist that does circus type acts. Toddler clowns perform for preschoolers. Spooky magic shows at Halloween are also a children's favorite. We also have a female magician for hire that specializes in young children up to about 8 years old that performs a comedy magic show in Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster and Dundas Ontario. We entertain with shows for baptism parties or Christening celebration. Ameen celebrations are very popular with our Muslim friends. We also perform educational shows in libraries and schools and anywhere that a message is desired. Children love to attend the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. Happy Time Clowns has minstrels, a strolling clown or entertainer that plays a banjo, guitar or other musical instrument perfect for vaudeville type perfomances. Friends of ours offer giant bouncy castles. We have all star and top talent entertainers. We have wonderful caricature artist named Hector Several of our magicians are masters at performing strolling close-up magic.  Our top talent of our clowns perform magic shows, balloon animals and face painting. Have a custom written song written about your sweetheart and sung  by Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe over the phone. We offer many options for live entertainment at birthday parties. Of course the magicians also perform fabulous magic shows and many use a live animal such as a dove or a bunny rabbit in the show. Most of our caricature artists are also cartoonists and often perform at corporate events.  Our web site now has a link to several caricaturist with examples of their caricature drawings and cartoons. We  have a Russian speaking clown and a Spanish speaking clown for hire although both speak English as well.   Wonderful Pirate, princess, superhero or wizard shows for birthday parties and library shows. We perform for children and families at birthday parties, corporate events, Christmas parties, Holiday shows, festivals and store opens etc. We even offer jugglers, stilt walkers and unicyclists

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